Elisabeth Peterson: Biography

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Home Life:

I was very young, 18, when I married, and became the mother of three beautiful children. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, I awoke one day to find myself the divorced, single parent of three little boys. I had no education, no place to live, and no money. The future looked pretty bleak.

As I stood at that lonely crossroads and analyzed my situation, I decided that education was the best path to take for the betterment of all involved. So I rearranged my life and began an incredible juggling act as I went through the processes of enrolling in Hampton University’s Dietetics program, while managing the rearing of my children, keeping food on the table and providing a roof over our heads. I dedicated myself full time year round as a student and, three years later, graduated Magna Cum Laude with several awards and scholarships to my credit.

At the close of that three year whirlwind trip, I was still a single parent with three little boys, no home of my own, no money and student loans to pay, but I now had a degree and was headed toward a career. The future looked brighter to me.

It was during that time that I met a great guy who became my best friend and eventually my darling husband. We combined our families, my 3 and his 2 children in one of the most satisfying success stories of my life. All 5 children love and care for each other like blood relations, and the pressure on me began to ease a bit.

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